Inflatable Boat - Sea Eagle FastCat12 Canopy

Inflatable Boat - Sea Eagle FastCat12 Canopy

  • Extremely good speed with very small motors - 15 mph with 5 hp motor - smooth, seaworthy ride

    • Unique catamaran design uses very little gas - 3 gallon tank with FastCat 12 goes over 50 miles

    • Now made with an ultralight, ultra-strong Fusion Drop Stitch Material, the FastCat12 hull weighs just 94lbs. with transom - this boat packs small and is very portable for a 12 foot motorboat

    • Requires only a small lightweight motor, this boat is super easy to handle for 1 or 2 people

    No assembly required after initial installation of the transom - only 4 air chambers to inflate

    • 4 separate air compartments, including a smaller floor air chamber at bow ensures structural integrity of the boat and maximum safety and redundancy

    Totally self-bailing because of Drop-Stitch floor & open transom - so no matter how much it rains, you will never have to bail this boat!

    • A great tender for a larger boat - easy to step on or off.

    • Can be used with EZCart or out-fitted with side wheels.

    2 Scotty base mounts for rod holders, cup holders and other Scotty accessories

    • Aluminum bench seats come pre-drilled to accept additional 4 Scotty base mounts so you can easily add a host of Scotty® accessories such as cup-holders, anchor locks, camera posts, bait trays and/or morerod-holders.

    • 40" wide floor deck provides wide open space cockpit with lots of usable space for coolers, rods, and other gear

    • Wide open bow makes a great swim platform to get into the water or back on to the boat - easy to walk off bow and step on a beach - also easy to slide into the water and get back in

    • Rubbing strake under Drop-Stitch side pontoons provides protection needed to run up on beaches.

    • Holds 2 adults - 1 in front, 1 in back - EVA foam covered floor provides safe & secure footing.

    • Side pontoons create water tunnel effect & double keel system for super precise turning.

    BEST USES: Portable Family Vacation Boat, Mean Fishing Machine for 1 or 2, Cruise About Pontoon Boat.


    The Sea Eagle® FastCat™ 12 is unique in so many ways with unlimited advantages:

    1. The FastCat™ 12 is a recreational catamaran pontoon boat providingexceptional open cockpit space

    2. It rolls up and fits easily in a car trunk, SUV or flat bed truck.

    3. Now made with an ultralight, ultra strong double layer Fusion Drop Stitchmaterial that is stronger and lighter thanother drop stitch materials

    4. This boat can take an electric or gas motor so it can be used on inland lakes,wide open bays or seas & isa boat that can be motored very longdistances at very efficient speeds.

    5. It draws only inches of water and can be fished in deep or shallow waters.

    6. With a 5 hp Honda® motor, the FastCat™ goes 15 mph with 1 person or 12 mphwith 2 people.

    7. The FastCat 12 is one of the most portable, practical, economical inflatable boats ever designed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Larry R. Jackson
Great Buy

We bought the Cataraman from and it must be said it is a great boat from Sea Eagle. There was lots of wind on the lake and the electric motor was awesome. The motor is perfect for trolling for trout. We were able to assemble it easily with the help of the video. A must buy for any boat lover.

Diana T.
Love it

This is one of the best recreation purchases I've ever made, and I've made quite a few. I live in South Florida where there are no shortages of lakes, canals and various other waterways, so a boat like this is quite versatile. Great customer service from The Boat arrived within 5 days of ordering

Jennifer Matilda
High Quality Boat

Finally got this raft to the lake today. We had four people in it, fishing poles and tackle. Still had room for one more It performed perfectly. Gave me quite the work out when the wind came up and with all the weight. Very stable on the water was never in danger of capsizing and didn't take on any water due to heavy swell. It rode on top of the water nicely. It is heavier duty than I thought it would be for the price. . Economical way to get on the water and get out where the fish are biting. I'm hoping it lasts at least a couple of summers then I may have to purchase another one. Bottom line, we had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed our outing.

Raymond Muller
So happy with this boat

Thank you Kayakish. This is a quality inflatable boat. It isnt thin plastic or anything like that. It is heavy duty quality. It rides pretty sturdy for an inflatable. It is comfortable to sit in. I just don't have anything negative to say about it. We got what we expected to get. Honestly when we first used it we were more than happy with the purchase. I would buy this one again if I ever need another one. This is one of those where you hope it is what it says it is, and then when you get it you are so happy it is what it said it was, but once you actually have it and use it, you realize it is even better than what you expected. Very happy with it still.

Just Perfect

Bought this from Kayakish in October 2021. I had a Sea Eagle for over 10 years and wanted to try something else. I tried the hard situpons, but they are uncomfortable to me and rock more. I tried another brand of inflatable, but the size didn't work for me, the Explorer was only a couple of inches wider and longer, but felt very draggy to me and awkward to me. I bought this to go back to my beloved Sea Eagle because I gifted my original to kids. I love this boat. It fits me (i'm 5'4" and average build). This is definitely my favorite water ride.

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