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Point 65 Falcon Tandem Red with 2 Paddles

Point 65 Falcon Tandem Red with 2 Paddles

  • Experience unparalleled versatility and convenience with the Point 65 Falcon Modular Kayak, meticulously engineered for adventurers seeking flexibility and performance on the water. Crafted with durable HTP (High-Performance Thermoplastic) and featuring Point 65's innovative Snap-Tap system, the Falcon offers a seamless blend of comfort, stability, and strength in a modular design that adapts to your every need.

    Key Features:

    Modular Design: The Falcon Solo, Tandem, Triple, and more configurations offer limitless possibilities for solo, tandem, or multi-person kayaking adventures. With its modular construction, the Falcon snaps apart and reassembles in seconds, allowing for easy storage, carrying, and transport.

    Swedish Design & Engineering: Designed and engineered in Sweden, the Falcon combines superior craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to deliver a kayak that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

    Comfortable and Ergonomic: Equipped with a comfortable seat, contoured foot braces, and a foldable backrest, the Falcon ensures a comfortable paddling experience, even on extended journeys. The molded carrying handles and additional bottle holders and gear storage add convenience to your outings.

    Versatile Configuration: Configure the Falcon as a solo kayak by pairing the front and back sections, or create a tandem kayak by adding the midsection. Keep adding midsections to accommodate more paddlers, providing flexibility for solo, tandem, or multi-person adventures.

    Easy Assembly:The Falcon's sections come together and split apart in less than 10 seconds, ensuring hassle-free assembly and disassembly.

    Compact and Portable: Each section of the Falcon weighs only 20 lbs (9 kg), making it easy to transport and fit into most cars, SUVs, crossovers, and minivans.

    Durable Construction: Made of strong, impact- and UV-resistant High-Density Thermoplastic, the Falcon is built to withstand rugged conditions and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, it's recyclable, reducing its environmental impact.

    Ample Storage: Equipped with dry hatches on the front and rear sections, a net-covered rear tank-well, and additional gear storage, the Falcon provides ample space to store your essentials for your next adventure.

    Enhance your kayaking adventures with the Point 65 Falcon Modular Kayak, the ultimate watercraft designed to adapt to your needs and inspire unforgettable outdoor experiences. With its versatility, durability, and ergonomic design, the Falcon is your ticket to endless exploration on the water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mary Bishop
High Quality Kayak

The kayak is high quality and well designed. The waterproof bins for cell phones are air tight and roomy. The bar to secure the oars is a great feature and swivels for ease of movement. The kayak is sturdy and we feel secure when motor boats pass us in the water. We love our kayak!

Sarah Webb
Awesome Price

We love it! It was affordable and it is fun to use. Does not feel like it will tip over

Ricky Olson
Great Fun

My son bought it to use in California. No complaints!!

Carl Gordon
As Expected

Love this. Was just what we expected. Very stable for two people. Compartments are water tight. Heavy for one person to carry.

Bill Watkins
Five Stars

Looks great. Havent gotten out yet, but I doubt my opinion of the value will change.

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