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Our Story

Kayaking is an activity that quenches the thirst for adventure and thrill seeking while simultaneously relieving the stress of day to day lives and being inner peace.

There are countless ways to run a river from attempting tricks, running waterfalls, pushing to run the hardest lines, or simply seeking to master technique. Kayaking is a sport in which failure is the key to your success.

There are thousands of ways to fail, but very few to succeed. You encounter failure after failure, yet each time you fix something another problem pops up. But after the many failures there is one magical moment of success and understanding of what it feels like to execute the move correctly. 

This passion forms the basis of Kaykish.com. This is what we identify with and this is who we are. We know all the Kayak lovers have the exact same feeling and that why our Tag line is “It’s that Kayak Feeling”.

Our aim is to offer quality products to our customers from quality suppliers across the country with a minimum lead time. We only work with reputable brands based in the US with warehouses nationwide and we are committed to provide awesome customer service you can count on.

Our prices are competitive and our best price guarantee will give you confidence when shopping with us.

From the time we receive an order, till the time the customer receives the order, its a clockwork and we make sure that we are able to provide the best experience to all our customers.

Every email you send us, phone call you make, is answered by a member of our team. Someone who knows our products and who uses our products daily. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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