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Aqua Marina Aircat Inflatable Catamaran

Aqua Marina Aircat Inflatable Catamaran

  • Unleash the power of the Aqua Marina Aircat Inflatable Catamaran - a marvel of stability, speed, and versatility for water enthusiasts. With an ultra-stable tunnel hull design and an expansive deck, this inflatable catamaran is your passport to conquering winds, waves, and high-speed excursions. Plus, it's your ticket to unforgettable family camping trips with gear in tow.

    Elevate Your Watersports Experience

    Discover the features that set the Aircat apart:

    Ultra-Stable Tunnel Hull: Navigate with confidence through the ultra-stable tunnel hull, ensuring unparalleled stability in diverse water conditions.

    High-Speed Thrills:Harness the power of high-speed adventures, cutting through waves with ease.

    Generous Deck Space: Enjoy expansive deck space that accommodates your gear, passengers, and thrilling experiences.

    Effortless Camping:Plan your family's ultimate camping getaway as Aircat effortlessly carries your gear for a memorable journey.

    Tailored for Every Water Adventure

    The Aircat comes in two lengths - 2.85m and 3.35m - both boasting a width of 1.6m. This versatility makes it your ideal water safety companion and a touring marvel. Its distinctive open bow design is favored by fishing and diving enthusiasts, offering a spacious platform for various activities.

    Precision Craftsmanship and Cutting-Edge Technology

    The Aircat is engineered with cutting-edge technology:

    High Frequency Welding Technology: Crafted using Aqua Marina's signature high frequency welding technology for tube chambers, ensuring robust construction.

    Drop Stitch Light Technology: Combining Drop Stitch Light Technology on the air deck ensures a safe, rigid, super-stable, and ultra-light experience.

    No Trailer Needed:Bid farewell to the need for dedicated boat trailers - the Aircat's portability is unmatched.

    Simplicity Meets Convenience

    Experience unmatched convenience with Aircat:

    Compact Carry: Pack it effortlessly in the carry bag, along with matching accessories. It easily fits into most car back seats.

    Open Bow Design: An open bow design beckons easy access, enhancing your adventure's convenience.

    Oar Lock System: Experience easy rowing with the built-in oar lock system. An oar set is included for your convenience.

    Motor-Ready: The marine-grade plywood transom accommodates an outboard motor for versatile exploration.

    Integrated Drain Valve:Designed with an integrated drain valve for quick water removal.

    Anti-Collision Protection: The high-quality anti-collision rubber strake safeguards the boat from impacts.

    Experience Water Freedom with Aircat

    Elevate your watersports journey with the Aqua Marina Aircat Inflatable Catamaran. Engineered for stability, speed, and convenience, the Aircat redefines adventure. Whether it's high-speed escapades or tranquil family camping trips, the Aircat delivers an unparalleled experience. Venture forth with the ultimate catamaran - the Aircat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Charles Nardo
Reliable Companion

Absolutly thrilled with the Aircat as it has become a reliable companion on my sailing adventures. Its consistent performance and durable construction mean that I can rely on it for numerous trips on the water.

Kevin Rogers
Unmatched Stability

Got this Catamaran from Kayakish.com The Aircat offers unmatched stability on the water. It's a game-changer for those who love a relaxed, stable sailing experience. I'm very impressed.

Sherry Compagno
Compact and Portable

Easy to transport and store with the compact design. Perfect choice for sailors who love exploring different sailing destinations and need a catamaran that's adventure-ready.

Larry R. Jackson
Impressive Performance

Speed and responsive handling is impressive. Whether you're an experienced sailor or a beginner, it delivers a sailing experience that is hard to beat.

Jennifer Matilda
Excellent for Leisure Sailing

Leisure sailing is a joy with the Aircat. Whether you're sailing with friends or alone, it's perfect for leisurely trips.

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