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Aqua Marina Caliber Angling Kayak

Aqua Marina Caliber Angling Kayak

  • Discover the ultimate multi-tasking powerhouse - the Aqua Marina Caliber Angling Kayak, meticulously designed to adapt seamlessly to your every need. Whether you're seeking thrilling paddling expeditions or unforgettable fishing escapades, this power-packed kayak transforms effortlessly from solo to tandem mode, making it your go-to choice for versatile aquatic experiences.

    Unleash the Chameleon Kayak

    Experience the unmatched versatility of the Caliber Angling Kayak, designed to evolve with your journey:

    Solo Mode: Immerse yourself in a stable and expansive platform for sitting or standing, coupled with ample space to carry your fishing gear and prized catches.

    Tandem Mode:Seamlessly transition to tandem mode for shared kayak excursions, creating unforgettable memories in every water condition.

    Crafted for Comfort and Performance

    Every element of the Caliber Angling Kayak is tailored for your comfort and enjoyment:

    Optimal Length and Payload:Measuring 13 feet long and boasting a maximum payload of 180kg, the Caliber provides a spacious environment for your aquatic pursuits.

    Stability Enriched: Large welded side chambers enhance stability, while the drop-stitch floor ensures rigidity, regardless of the waters you explore.

    Superior Tracking and Glide: The streamlined outline guarantees excellent tracking and effortless glide, enhancing your overall experience.

    Innovative Features for Enhanced Enjoyment

    Discover a suite of features that redefine fishing and paddling enjoyment:

    DECK SHIELD™:Experience a dry and focused ride with the innovative water shield, preventing splashes from encroaching into the cockpit.

    V-cone Protection: Navigate confidently with hard V-cone protection on both stem and stern, designed to safeguard against collisions.

    Foldable Fishing Seat: Embrace extended fishing sessions with the foldable aluminum fishing seat, offering exceptional back support.

    Dual Footrest System: Tailored for comfort, the two sets of fixing straps strategically adjust the footrest to your preferences.

    Kayak Caliber:Simplify measuring with the discrete 30-inch fishing ruler, and quench your thirst with the new Aqua Marina cup holder, compatible with both small cans and large bottles.

    Universal Mount Base:Equip your kayak with ease, thanks to the universal mount base designed for effortless installation of aftermarket accessories such as POV cameras, rod holders, and fish finders.

    Embark on Uncharted Fishing Adventures

    Unleash the angler within and explore uncharted fishing realms with Aqua Marina Angling Kayaks. Expertly engineered for wildlife enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of fishing and paddling, these kayaks redefine your aquatic experience. Dive into the ultimate synergy of your two favorite activities, all within one exceptional vessel.

    Crafted for Uncompromising Durability

    • The foundation of the Caliber Angling Kayak is built on enduring quality

    • A removable high-tensile and rigid DWF PVC deck of 7cm thickness ensures unmatched stability and rigidity.

    • The two side horizontal tube design ensures stability and safety, regardless of the waters you conquer.

    • The kayak fabric, crafted from durable and premium reinforced PVC, guarantees enduring performance.

    Elevate Your Aquatic Journey

    Unlock a world of fishing and paddling possibilities with the Aqua Marina Caliber Angling Kayak. Every stroke, every cast, every adventure - experience them all in perfect harmony. Elevate your aquatic journey today and redefine your connection with the water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Melissa Pozniak
Fishing Made Easy

The Caliber angling kayak makes fishing easy and enjoyable. It offers stability, comfort, and smart design features that any angler would appreciate. My go-to choice for fishing trips.

KP Johnson
Enhanced Angling Experience

Offers smart features like built-in rod holders and multiple storage compartments which I was looking for a while. It's like a fishing buddy that helps me stay organized and prepared.

Jeana J
Fantastic for Solo Fishing

Fantastic for solo fishing trips. Easy to control, offers ample space for your gear, and its stability allows for comfortable casting. I recommend.

Rogelio Mora
Outstanding Stability

Got it from Kayakish.com and I must say that outstanding stability is the hallmark of the Caliber. It allows me to cast my line with confidence, even while standing. The kayak's design ensures I stay upright and steady throughout my fishing adventures.

H. Berry
Built for Anglers

This kayak is built for anglers. It's equipped with numerous features like rod holders, ample storage, and a comfortable seat. Perfect vessel for those who love spending hours on the water in pursuit of the perfect catch.

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