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Aqua Marina Deluxe Sports Boat

Aqua Marina Deluxe Sports Boat

  • Introducing the Aqua Marina Deluxe Sports Boat - your ultimate companion for seamless water adventures. Designed for versatility and portability, these inflatable boats redefine the way you explore the waters. Whether it's a ship-to-shore tender craft or a pleasure boat for on-the-go boating, the Deluxe Sports Boat delivers convenience and excitement like never before.

    Unleash Your Aquatic Exploration

    Explore the highlights that set the Deluxe Sports Boat apart:

    Compact and Lightweight: Experience unmatched portability with these economical inflatable boats. Easily carry them to lakes, beaches, and beyond, transforming your aquatic exploration.

    Quick Set-Up: Say goodbye to lengthy preparations. With just minutes needed for set-up, these boats grant you more time for water adventures.

    Trailblazing Versatility: Go beyond the shoreline and access new horizons that were once distant. These boats eliminate the need for trailers and special equipment.

    Engineered for Superior Performance

    Discover the key features that define the Deluxe Sports Boat:

    Multiple Air Chambers: Boast a total of three or more separate internal air chambers, ensuring enhanced safety and stability.

    Versatile Deck Options: Choose from four deck choices - slat wood, inflatable, wood, or aluminum - tailored to your stability, portability, and durability preferences.

    Size Variety: With boat ranges spanning from 2.5m to 3.6m, the Deluxe Sports Boat offers a spectrum of size options to suit your specific needs.

    Power-Packed:Seamlessly integrate a gasoline motor of up to 20HP, unlocking high-powered adventures on the water.

    Ergonomic Seating:Enjoy optimal rowing comfort with strategically positioned rowing seat.

    Built for Endurance and Exploration

    Embark on your water escapades with confidence, courtesy of these features:

    Coated Transom: The coated transom safeguards against sea water infiltration and regular rigging dings, enhancing boat longevity.

    Boundless Adventure: Seamlessly transition from shore to water, exploring the uncharted with the Aqua Marina Deluxe Sports Boat.

    Experience Water Freedom Today

    Unlock the full potential of aquatic exploration with the Aqua Marina Deluxe Sports Boat. Elevate your water adventures with a compact, lightweight, and versatile inflatable boat that caters to your every need. From lakes to shores, and every water in between, the Deluxe Sports Boat redefines convenience, portability, and excitement. Elevate your boating journey today with the Deluxe Sports Boat - your ticket to water freedom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Annabelle S
Outstanding Water Fun

The Deluxe Sports Boat is the epitome of outstanding water fun. It's spacious, versatile, and offers endless opportunities for enjoyable adventures on the water. It's become our family's favorite watercraft.

Nicole Mathison
Impressive Versatility

It can handle various water activities, from leisurely rides to fishing and more. It's like having multiple boats in one, making it a fantastic choice for all water enthusiasts. Very happy with the purchase from Kayakish.

Built for Durability

The tough construction and high-quality materials give us the confidence that it can withstand the test of time and keep providing exceptional experiences on the water.

Doug E
Family-Friendly Fun

Accommodates everyone comfortably and offers a safe and stable ride. It's the boat that has brought our family closer together with unforgettable moments on the water.

Matthew Pesa
Ergonomic Design

Amazing buy. The cushioned seats, adjustable features, and ample legroom ensure that our water experiences are not only exciting but also relaxing.

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