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Aqua Marina Laxo Inflatable Kayak

Aqua Marina Laxo Inflatable Kayak

  • Unleash the allure of aquatic exploration with the Aqua Marina Laxo Inflatable Kayak series. Embrace the future of kayaking as our recreational LAXO series receives a transformative upgrade through revolutionary AQUASHELL™ Technology for 2022. Infused with eye-catching graphics that stand the test of time through advanced digital printing, the LAXO models, available in three lengths accommodating up to three people, promise an optimal blend of stability and tracking. Designed to captivate beginners seeking ease of entry and exit on shorter journeys, the LAXO series beckons.

    AQUASHELL™ Technology: Elevating Durability

    Experience the pinnacle of durability with AQUASHELL™ Technology, boasting heavy-duty shell fabric treated with special anti-UV and water-repellent measures. This innovation ensures enduring performance and protection.

    ECO-PRINT™ Technology: Sustainable Graphic Elegance

    Discover the charm of sustainable elegance with ECO-PRINT™ Technology. This revolutionary digital printing technique not only bestows enduring graphics but also embraces an eco-friendly process, harmonizing design and environmental consciousness.

    User-Friendly Highlights that Define Excellence

    Elevate your kayaking experience with an array of user-friendly features meticulously designed for an unparalleled journey:

    Generous Gear Capacity: Abundant deck space caters to improved gear capacity, enhancing your exploration.

    Convenient Carry Handle: Front, rear, and center rubber carry handles make transportation a breeze.

    Adjustable D-buckle System: Multiple strap D-buckles facilitate seat position adjustments for personalized comfort.

    Effortless Boston Valve: The durable one-way Boston valve ensures swift inflation and deflation.

    Premium Seat System: Luxuriate in the premium high-backrest seat adorned with an EVA cushion and storage pockets.

    High-Performance Fin System: Dual center fins deliver exceptional straight-line tracking.

    Functional Backpack:The functional zip backpack efficiently encapsulates your gear, turning every journey into an expedition.

    Rediscover Leisure and Tranquility

    Embrace the serenity of leisure with your loved ones as you watch the wind gently sway the grass on a peaceful weekend. Our affordable and lightweight recreational kayaks beckon, accommodating up to three individuals for serene paddling on calm waters. Offering an impeccable balance of stability and tracking, these kayaks ensure tranquil exploration on flat mellow waters.

    Elevated Durability: The Heart of Laxo Kayaks

    • At the core of Aqua Marina Laxo Kayaks lies a heavy-duty design.

    • Polyester hull covers on the floor cover and top hull of side chambers offer UV protection.

    • Heavy-duty PVC side and floor air chambers ensure enduring performance.

    • The flat bottom floor grants spaciousness, exceptional tracking ability, and unmatched stability.

    • Indulge in the premium high-back seat with spongy cushion, enhancing your comfort throughout the journey.

    Discover, Explore, Thrive

    Immerse yourself in the Aqua Marina Laxo Inflatable Kayak series and uncover a realm of tranquil exploration. Whether you're embracing a leisurely weekend or embarking on a journey with loved ones, these kayaks redefine your connection with the water. Dive into the collection today and ignite your passion for gentle water escapades.

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