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Aqua Marina Memba Touring Kayak

Aqua Marina Memba Touring Kayak

  • Introducing the Aqua Marina Memba Touring Kayak series - where sleek, curved design meets unparalleled performance. With an extended waterline that excels in tracking and speed, the Memba series is your go-to choice for efficient long-distance touring. Crafted to redefine your on-water explorations, these kayaks elevate adventure to new heights.

    AQUASHELL™ Technology: The Pillar of Durability

    Experience the pinnacle of durability with AQUASHELL™ Technology. Our signature heavy-duty shell fabric boasts anti-UV and water-repellent treatments, ensuring a kayak that endures the elements with grace.

    ECO-PRINT™ Technology: Graphic Elegance, Sustainability Unleashed

    Uncover the allure of sustainable elegance through ECO-PRINT™ Technology. This revolutionary digital printing technique bestows stunning graphics that stand the test of time while embracing an eco-friendly process, fusing aesthetics and environmental consciousness.

    Elevate your kayaking experience through a masterful combination of features:

    Drop Stitch Deck: A removable 7cm drop-stitch high-pressure floor ensures ultimate stability and rigidity, facilitating superior paddling performance.

    Streamlined Design: A sleek, curved, and streamlined shape guarantees excellent tracking, enabling effortless glide on the water.

    DECK SHIELD™: The water shield prevents splashes from flowing backward into the cockpit, maintaining a comfortable and dry paddling experience.

    Adjustable Cargo Bungee:The cargo bungee system effortlessly secures your gear, ensuring convenience throughout your journey.

    Effortless Drain Valve: Superfast 1+2 self-bailing valves grant quick water drainage in challenging conditions while ensuring controlled buoyancy on calm waters.

    Key Features

    Immerse yourself in a world of unrivaled features meticulously designed to redefine your kayaking experience:

    Paddle Holder: The Velcro paddle holder ensures secure and easy paddle lock.

    Convenient Carry Handle:Front, rear, and center rubber carry handles guarantee effortless transport.

    Adjustable D-buckle System: Multiple strap D-buckles facilitate personalized seat position adjustments.

    Effortless Valve: The high-pressure recessed valve enables swift inflation and deflation.

    Premium Seat System: Indulge in the luxurious high-backrest seat with EVA cushion and storage pockets.

    High-Performance Fin System: Dual center fins promise exceptional straight-line tracking.

    Enhanced Hand Pump: The upgraded gauged pump ensures easy and accurate inflation.

    Functional Backpack:The functional zip backpack neatly encapsulates your gear, transforming every journey into a seamless expedition.

    Unleash the Ultimate Trekking Adventure

    Redesign the concept of trekking with the Aqua Marina Memba Touring Kayak series. Crafted for on-water expeditions, these kayaks redefine adventure, allowing you to carry all necessary equipment for endless journeys. Engineered for optimal paddling efficiency, they are your companions for serene lake and gentle river explorations.

    Unwavering Durability:The Core of Memba Kayaks

    • Beneath the surface of Aqua Marina Memba Kayaks lies a heavy-duty foundation:

    • Polyester hull covers ensure enduring UV protection.

    • Heavy-duty PVC side air chambers promise steadfast performance.

    • The ultra-stiff drop-stitched double wall fabric floor guarantees speed and endurance on extended water journeys.

    • Indulge in the premium high-back seat with spongy cushion, enhancing comfort throughout your voyage.

    Discover, Explore, Thrive

    Immerse yourself in the Aqua Marina Memba Touring Kayak series and unlock a realm of endless water exploration. Whether you're embarking on an epic journey or indulging in a tranquil lake excursion, these kayaks redefine your connection with the water. Dive into the collection today and redefine your definition of aquatic adventure.

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