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Aqua Marina Steam Whitewater Kayak

Aqua Marina Steam Whitewater Kayak

  • Dive into a world of premium paddling with the newly re-designed Aqua Marina Steam Whitewater Kayak series. Crafted to cater to a spectrum of paddlers - from performance touring enthusiasts to mild river runners - these kayaks redefine versatility. Built with ultra-durable welded tube construction and a high-density drop-stitch floor, these open cockpit inflatable kayaks are a pinnacle of rigidity and responsiveness.

    Redesigned for Performance, Engineered for Excitement

    Embrace the streamlined outline of the new Steam models, meticulously optimized for heightened hull speed and superior tracking performance. Discover a series equipped with river-specific features that render these rugged kayaks capable of conquering class III whitewater. The 2022 Steam series stands as a testament to all-around excellence, empowering you to tackle any adventure with newfound sleekness and swiftness.

    Engineered for Excellence

    Revel in the meticulous integration of cutting-edge features that set the Aqua Marina Steam Whitewater Kayak series apart:

    Seamless Tube Construction: High-frequency welded tube chamber seams ensure unmatched bonding strength, elevating your on-water experience.

    Drop-stitch Deck: The removable 7cm drop-stitch high-pressure floor guarantees ultimate stability and rigidity, aligning with your pursuit of excellence.

    Streamlined Design: A sleek, curved, and streamlined shape facilitates remarkable tracking performance, turning every paddle into a seamless glide.

    V-cone Protection: Experience safety and confidence through hard V-cone protection on both stem and stern, designed to thwart collisions.

    DECK SHIELD™:The innovative water shield prevents splashes from intruding into the cockpit, ensuring a dry and focused ride.

    Adjustable Cargo Bungee: An adjustable cargo bungee system secures your essentials, allowing you to focus on your adventure.

    Footrest Support: Tailored adjustable footrest support ensures a comfortable journey, enhancing your connection with the water.

    Effortless Drain Valve: Superfast 1+2/1+4 self-bailing valves allow swift water drainage for your dynamic pursuits.

    Unleash the Key Features

    Indulge in a world of features that redefine convenience and performance:

    Effortless Carry Handle: Front, rear, and center rubber carry handles promise convenient transport.

    Adaptable D-ring System:Multiple strap D-rings enable seamless seat position adjustments for tailored comfort.

    Swift Valve System: The high-pressure recessed valve facilitates quick inflation and deflation, saving you time for your adventures.

    Premium Seat System: Immerse yourself in a premium high-backrest seat featuring an EVA cushion and storage pockets.

    High-Performance Fin System: Dual center fins ensure unparalleled straight-line tracking, empowering your journey.

    Dry Bag Inclusion:The 10L dry bag keeps your personal belongings safe and dry, even in dynamic conditions.

    Enhanced Hand Pump: The upgraded gauged pump guarantees easy and accurate inflation, amplifying your convenience.

    Functional Backpack: A functional zip backpack keeps all your gear secure, enhancing your kayak tour experience.

    A Kayak for Every Endeavor

    Aqua Marina Steam Whitewater Kayaks are designed to conquer diverse water conditions, from rivers to tranquil lakes. Their versatility knows no bounds, allowing you to carry them with ease wherever your adventurous spirit takes you. In a lightweight pack, you're equipped to live life to the fullest on the water.

    Crafted for Endurance

    • The foundation of Aqua Marina Steam Whitewater Kayaks is steeped in durability

    • A removable high-tensile and rigid DWF PVC deck of 7cm thickness ensures unrivaled stability and rigidity.

    • The two side horizontal tube design enhances stability and safety.

    • The kayak fabric is crafted from durable and premium reinforced PVC, guaranteeing enduring performance.

    • A premium high-back seat with a spongy cushion awaits, ensuring your comfort throughout your journey.

    Discover, Explore, Thrive

    Dive into the world of Aqua Marina Steam Whitewater Kayaks and redefine your relationship with the water. Whether it's the rush of rapids or the tranquility of a serene lake, these kayaks embody performance, precision, and your passion for aquatic exploration. Immerse yourself in the collection today and experience the journey anew.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Benjamin Wood
Whitewater Enthusiast's Dream

For a whitewater enthusiast, the Steam is a dream come true. It offers precise control, exceptional tracking, and a design that's ready for challenging adventures on the wildest rivers.

Joshua Roberts
Built for Adventure

Built for adventure. Its robust construction, reinforced bottom, and durable materials make it an ideal choice for tackling whitewater and exploring the great outdoors.

Robert Flores
Comfortable Whitewater Kayak

I was looking for a kayak for a long time now and comfort is a top priority for me, and the Steam kayak offers a comfortable paddling experience. The padded seat and adjustable footrests make long rides on the river a pleasure.

David Murphy
Effortless Transportation

Transporting the Steam kayak is effortless. It's compact and lightweight, making it a practical choice for road trips to different kayaking destinations.

Amelia Ortiz
Quick and Stable Inflation

The quick inflation process ensures that I spend more time on the water and less time on setup. It's stable and reliable in whitewater conditions, making it the ideal kayak for adventurous paddlers.

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