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Aqua Marina Water Propulsion BlueDrive K

Aqua Marina Water Propulsion BlueDrive K

  • Experience the ultimate in kayaking innovation with the Aqua Marina BlueDrive K. Crafted for intrepid explorers, especially those who cherish the thrill of kayaking and canoeing, this remarkable propulsion system is your ticket to embarking on long-distance journeys like never before.

    Unveil Limitless Exploration

    Elevate your kayaking escapades with the BlueDrive K, a cutting-edge propulsion solution that offers boundless possibilities. Seamlessly connect the BlueDrive K to an external battery of your choice, tailoring it to match the length of your extraordinary expedition. From breezy short treks to ambitious long-haul voyages, this innovation empowers you to embrace your journey with the optimal battery configuration.

    Precision in Performance

    Unleash the full potential of your kayaking aspirations with the BlueDrive K's versatile features. With two distinct speeds, cruise effortlessly at 4km/h or ramp up the adventure to 6km/h. And when navigating tight spots or readjusting your position becomes a necessity, the reverse gear setting provides a helping hand, ensuring you have total control over your aquatic experience.

    Efficiency Redefined: 360° Water Intake

    Equipped with a state-of-the-art jet-engine design, the BlueDrive K takes efficiency to new heights with its innovative 360° water intake system. This cutting-edge feature optimizes water flow, enhancing your kayaking performance, and allowing you to glide through the water with minimal effort.

    Safety Uncompromised: Secure Connection

    Prioritize safety without compromising your exhilarating journey. The BlueDrive K's power pack is intelligently connected to the user through a secure leash mechanism. This ingenious feature guarantees automatic shut-off in the event of an unexpected tumble, preventing any potential runaway scenarios and ensuring your peace of mind throughout your aquatic exploits.

    Elevate Your Adventure: High Performance Boost

    Elevate your SUP board or kayak experience with the transformative power of the BlueDrive K. By simply replacing the fin, you can extend your board's capabilities, enjoying an impressive E-power boost of up to 6km/h. Redefine your aquatic boundaries and embrace the thrill of covering greater distances with ease.

    Effortless Portability: Travel-Friendly Design

    Seamlessly blend convenience with innovation with the BlueDrive K's exceptional portability. Weighing in at just 5.0kg (Gross Weight), this lightweight propulsion pack becomes your ideal travel companion, even suitable for air travel. Venture beyond the confines of conventional kayaking and embrace the world of possibilities with the BlueDrive K.

    Unlock the doors to uncharted waters and redefine the way you experience kayaking. Elevate your journey, conserve your energy, and embrace a new era of aquatic exploration with the Aqua Marina BlueDrive K. Your voyage of discovery starts here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Olivia Martin
Fantastic Addition

I recently purchased the BlueDrive K from Kayakish, and it's a fantastic addition to my kayak. The ease of assembly and the incredible propulsion it provides are just outstanding.

Charlotte Carter
Stress-Free Kayaking

This product offers stress-free kayaking. I don't worry about physical exertion anymore.

Emily Davis
Quality Product

Quality, sturdy & reliable product. Adds a new dimension to my kayak trips. I love how it makes paddling easier, especially against strong currents.

Jacob Brown
Innovative Technology

I was fascinated by the innovative technology in the BlueDrive K. It makes kayaking more enjoyable and less tiring. The ability to adjust the speed is a bonus.

Benjamin Jackson
Superior Build

It's robust and well-constructed. The quality is evident, and it operates quietly, not disturbing the peace of the water.

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