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Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company


Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company

  • Unparalleled Underwater Adventure: Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life, from colorful fish to majestic manatees, visible through the crystal-clear hull.

    Cutting-Edge Construction: Crafted with a robust hull made from 6mm vacuum-sealed GE™ Lexan™, renowned for its strength and durability.

    Stability and Performance: Navigate tranquil waters or choppy conditions with ease, thanks to the stability and performance of our innovative kayak-canoe hybrids.

    Convenient Design: Perfect for solo or tandem journeys, featuring removable frames, seats, and inflatable chambers for easy transportation and storage.

    Lightweight and Maneuverable: Weighing just 48 lbs with an 11' hull, our kayaks are easy to handle both on and off the water.

    Built to Last: Corrosion-resistant hardware and advanced polymer construction ensure durability, backed by an industry-leading 2-Year Warranty on hull and frame.

    Versatile Use: Ideal for recreational riders, fishing enthusiasts, or snorkeling adventures, providing endless possibilities for exploration and enjoyment.

    Top-Quality Materials: Our kayaks are crafted with premium materials, including GE™ Lexan™, known for its impact resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

    Attention to Detail: Each kayak undergoes rigorous quality checks and manufacturing processes to ensure superior performance and longevity.

    Embark on your aquatic adventure with confidence and explore the wonders beneath the surface with Crystal Kayaks – the ultimate companion for underwater exploration and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Harper Cole
Stunningly Clear Kayaking Experience

Got myself a Crystal Kayak from Kayakish.com and it provided an unforgettable experience! The clarity of the kayak allowed us to see underwater life like never before. It felt like gliding on glass, and we were mesmerized by the beauty beneath us. Highly recommend!

Sawyer Monroe
Crystal Clear Fun

Our family had a blast with the Crystal Kayak! It's sturdy, easy to maneuver, and the transparent design added a whole new level of excitement to our kayaking trip. Being able to see the water beneath us was magical, and the kids were thrilled to spot fish and marine life.

Marley Jensen
Transparency at its Best

We are kayaking enthusiast and Kayaking with the Crystal Kayak was an absolute delight! The transparency of the kayak gave us a unique perspective of the water, and we felt connected to nature in a whole new way. A must-have for anyone who loves adventure and wants to explore the underwater world.

Phoenix Brooks
Pure Adventure

Amazing Product. Took it out for a spin, and it exceeded all expectations! The clarity of the kayak allowed us to see everything beneath the surface, from colorful fish to swaying seaweed. It's like snorkeling without getting wet! Definitely a game-changer for our outdoor adventures.

Everly Tate
Crystal Clear Quality

Thanks Kayakish for providing this Top-notch product in terms of quality and performance. It's durable, stable, and handles beautifully on the water. The see-through design is a game-changer, providing a unique and immersive kayaking experience. Can't wait for our next adventure with this amazing kayak!

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