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27 reviews

FastCat14 Inflatable Boat - Sea Eagle

  • Deluxe
  • Swivel Seat Canopy
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1 Stability and Performance
The FastCat14 offers exceptional stability and performance, making it ideal for various water activities including fishing, diving, and leisurely cruising. Its catamaran design ensures smooth and stable rides, even in choppy waters.
2 Spacious and Comfortable
With a large deck area, the FastCat14 provides ample space for passengers and gear, ensuring a comfortable experience for up to 6 people. The open layout is perfect for socializing and enjoying the water.
3 Portable and Easy to Assemble
This boat is designed for convenience, featuring a lightweight and portable design that can be easily transported and assembled without the need for a trailer. It's perfect for those looking for a hassle-free boating experience.

Durable Construction

Made with high-strength, UV-resistant materials, the FastCat14 is built to withstand harsh marine environments, ensuring longevity and durability.

High Weight Capacity

With a maximum weight capacity of 1600 lbs, the FastCat14 can carry multiple passengers and gear, making it versatile for various activities.

Efficient Performance

Designed for efficiency, it can be powered by a small outboard motor, making it economical and environmentally friendly.

Canopy Attachment System

The FastCat14™ is equipped with a Canopy Attachment System for use with the optional Wide Sun & Rain Canopy.

Inflatable Design

The inflatable hull design provides buoyancy and safety, while also allowing for compact storage and easy transportation.

In the Box 

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    Two FC14 Tandem Seat Kits

  • Untitled_design_65

    Two Canoe/ SUP Paddles

  • Untitled_design_67

    SUP Pump

  • Untitled_design_68

    Wide Canopy (In Canopy Package)

Let’s Answer Your Questions

What are the dimensions and weight capacity of the FastCat14?

The FastCat14 measures 14 feet in length and has a width of 6 feet. It boasts a maximum weight capacity of 1600 lbs, allowing it to comfortably carry multiple passengers and gear.

How easy is it to assemble and disassemble the FastCat14 for transport and storage?

The FastCat14 is designed for ease of assembly and disassembly. It can be set up in about 30 minutes and packed down compactly for transport in a car trunk, making it highly portable and convenient for storage.

What kind of motor is recommended for optimal performance?

The FastCat14 performs best with a small outboard motor ranging from 6 to 25 horsepower. This range provides efficient and smooth operation, allowing you to navigate various water conditions effectively.

How stable is the FastCat14 in different water conditions, such as choppy waters or strong currents?

The catamaran design of the FastCat14 ensures excellent stability even in choppy waters or strong currents. Its wide stance and inflatable hulls provide a smooth and secure ride, making it ideal for a variety of water conditions.

What materials are used in the construction of the FastCat14, and how durable are they?

The FastCat14 is constructed with high-strength, UV-resistant materials, including reinforced PVC and drop-stitch technology for the inflatable hulls. These materials ensure durability and longevity, capable of withstanding harsh marine environments and heavy use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Brad Barber
Awesome Boat

Due to circumstances I have only had a chance to use my boat 1 time, but it was awesome! It was everything and more than I expected! Very easy to setup and store. Everything worked just as advertised and is one of the best investments I have made. Cant wait to get out this summer and use it often.

Paul Forte
Very happy with the Purchase

I've been using my Fastcat boat for a couple months now...I'm extremely happy with it. I use it in a creek/bay waterway behind my house. The boat was very easy to inflate and outfit, that is, to install accessories and motor with mount. I use it with myself and my girlfriend...she loves when she gets to steer and operate the motor. I use a marine battery and carry a spare...after installing the spare on one outing, we were able to have at least 5-6 hours of water time on a day trip. I love this boat!

Thomas Flatley
Excellent Customer Service

I'm so happy with my Sea Eagle Fastcat! It has enabled me to get out to areas in the rivers I fish with ease and comfort. The raft is durable and handles the river great. The Kayakish service rep was first class and the shipping was remarkably fast. I recommended to a friend and he also bought an Fastcat, and he is happy with his boat too. Thank you!

Paul Hirth
Great Support from Kayakish

No complaints on any part of the boat or service from Kayakish or Sea Eagle. Very happy with it all. Thanks

Gerard Larson
Great Quality

So glad that I purchase this boat. My family has used it all last summer on the lake without one problem. Thanks for making a boat with such great quality

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