FastCat14 Inflatable Boat - Sea Eagle


FastCat14 Inflatable Boat - Sea Eagle

  • • Extremely good speed with up to 20 hp motor - 4 people go 20 mph with a 20 hp motor and 15 mph with a 9.9 hp motor - wide beam and open cockpit provides a truly smooth and stable ride.

    • Unique all Fusion Drop Stitch hull pontoon catamaran design makes this boat incredibly light and strongand economical for its size. The FC14.4 goes over 70 miles on a single 6 gallon tank using a 20 hp motor.

    Weighs just 139 lbs. with transom and is still very portable.

    • 4 separate air compartments, including a smaller floor air chamber at bow ensures structural integrity of the boat and maximum safety and redundancy - self-bailing because of open transom - so no bailing!

    • Takes our large Sun/Rain Canopy for cool and comfortable protection against UV rays and rain.

    • Aluminum bench seat frames come pre-drilled to accept additional 4 swivel seatsfor true motoring comfort. 2 Scotty built-in mount pads so you can easily add a host of Scotty® accessories such as cupholders, anchor locks, camera posts, bait trays and/or more rod-holders.

    60" wide floor deck provides a wide cockpit with lots of usable space for coolers, rods and other gear.

    • Wide open bow makes a great swim platform to get into the water or back on to the boat - easy to walk off bow and step on a beach - also easy to slide into the water and get back in.

    • Rubbing strake under Drop-Stitch side pontoons provides protection needed to run up on beaches.

    Holds 4 adults - 2 in front, 2 in back - EVA foam covered floor provides safe & secure footing

    • Side pontoons create water tunnel effect & double keel system for super precise turning.

    • BEST USES: If you live on a bay or lake, this is the ideal pontoon runabout for up to 4 people, if you plan to take a one or two week vacation by a lake or bay, this is the ideal vacation boat, if you have a largemotorhome, this boat can fit a large storage compartment and use whenever you are nearby water

    • PLEASE NOTE:Because of its larger size and weight when outfitted with 4 swivel seats and a 9.9 or 20 hp motor, we recommend trailering this boat if you plan to use it daily at a water location of your choice.


    The new Sea Eagle® FastCat™ 14.4 is longer, wider, roomier than FastCat 12.As such, this model has many unique advantages:

    1. 14’ 4” by 6’ 4” hull makes this a super stable and easy to motor family recreational catamaran pontoon boatwith exceptional open cockpit space.

    2. Rolls up and fits easily in a car trunk, SUV or flat bed truck.

    3. Made with an ultralight, ultra strong double layer Fusion Drop Stitch material that inflates to 15 psi that is stronger, lighter and more rigid than all otherinflatable boat materials.

    4. These boats can take an electric or gas motor so they can be used on inlandlakes, wide open bays or seas & oceans...this is a boat that can be motored verylong distances at very efficient speeds.

    5. Draws only inches of water and can be fished in deep or shallow waters.

    6. With a 20 hp Honda® motor, the FastCat™ 14.4 goes 20 mph with 4persons or 22 mph with 2 people.

    7. This is the most portable, most practical, most economical inflatable pontoon boat ever designed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Michael Baker
Cool Boat

Couldn't be happier with my Fastcat. Hauled from IN to FL and back, in my travel trailer, launched from my PU truck into a few lakes and the Little Manatee River. Caught a few fish and enjoyed some sights that I would not have seen otherwise

Douglas Broadtman
Great Customer Service

I also have to say how great the customer service is and how they helped me by answering any and all questions insuring I was completely satisfied with my choice and purchase.

Richard Allison
Stable Platform for fishing

Brilliant product! Easy to store and easy to transport. Best of all it provides a supper stable platform for fishing. I can stand up to cast with confidence and know that I have no risk of losing my balance and end up, upside down minus my fishing tackle. There is not a boat in the world that can provide this level of safety and convenience for fishing.

Brad Barber
Awesome Boat

Due to circumstances I have only had a chance to use my boat 1 time, but it was awesome! It was everything and more than I expected! Very easy to setup and store. Everything worked just as advertised and is one of the best investments I have made. Cant wait to get out this summer and use it often.

Mark Cisto
Fastcat all the way

I enjoy using this Fastcat for floating around small lakes and fishing with my family. I've used it approximately 6 times last summer. Customer service has been good although during busy times responses are slow. The quality of the boat is pretty good although the boat and supports for the motor mount don't have the rigidity for anything beyond a trolling motor. Overall it's a pretty good multipurpose inflatable boat.

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