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Inflatable Fishing Boat - 10.6SR Pkg - Sea Eagle


Inflatable Fishing Boat - 10.6SR Pkg - Sea Eagle

  • The Sea Eagle 106sr makes for the perfect ship to shore tender. Great for exploring when anchored up, moored, or just plain running about. This small boat packs a truly big punch!

    This rugged boat can carry up to 5 adults or 1200 lbs.

    *For optimal performance max horsepower motor rating for the rigid inflatable drop stitch floor is 15hp motors

    About the Sport Runabouts Series

    The great advantage of these boats is their lightweight to size ratio. Which increases stow-ability and reduces overall hull weight. By nearly 25% with the inflatable drop stitch floors while reducing storage footprint by 50% because you no longer have to deal with wooden or aluminum floorboards. Making these boats truly practical as a tender, to carry in a RV or SUV or even simply stow below deck.

    These tough, rugged inflatable boats feature your choice of high pressure rigid inflatable drop stitch floors - making them lighter, easier to setup, less expensive to motor and far more portable. While the rigid molded plastic floorboards are virtually unbreakable.

    Sport Runabouts are great all around boats for fishing, skin-diving or just plain running about!

    Key Features

    Seaworthy In All Conditions

    We have been selling Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts since 1997. Since then they have been tested in all sorts of conditions around the world. They have been taken around Long Island (300 miles each trip) multiple times in seas varying from dead flat calm to 10 - 12 foot ocean waves in violent thunder storms. They've been used on the Yangtze River and on the Indian continent for fire and flood rescue work. These same boats are being used in these same countries by Fire and Police Departments for flood and rescue work on lakes, rivers, bays and oceans. Truly tested by time in all kinds of weather conditions these boats are as safe and seaworthy as an inflatable boat can be made.

    Patented Outside Drop Stitch Inflatable Keel

    The outside drop stitch inflatable keel provides several unique performance benefits. First, it creates the ability to turn sharply and precisely in any direction. This is a true benefit when coming to a dock or motoring in crowded harbors. The inflatable drop stitch keel also provides extra buoyancy at the bow allow this boat to ride over waves rather than plowing through waves. This same feature in combination with large rear rounded tubes helps these transom boats get up on a plane far faster. Unlike other transom boats with an inside inflatable keel the overall performance of our Sea Eagle transom boats are far more precise, responsive, and stable in all sea conditions.

    Molded Plastic Floorboards or Rigid High Pressure Inflatable Drop Stitch Floor

    We offer two kinds of floorboards for our Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts each provide unique benefits. Our molded plastic floorboards are virtually unbreakable and will not be harmed by the sun, saltwater or other chemicals while provide tremendous structural strength for motoring and standing ability for anglers and yachtsmen.

    Our high pressure rigid inflatable drop stitch floors provide excellent rigidity and very good structural strength at a fraction of the weight. If you use our drop stitch floor the weight saving in a 10.6sr is 31 lbs., in a 12.6sr 34 lbs., and in a 14sr 41 lbs. This is very important if you are a yacht owner looking for a super lightweight and easy to handle tender. This same feature is equally important to motorhome owners, fishermen and recreational boaters who want less weight and faster set up times.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Larry Voss
We just love it

My wife and I love this boat. It packs up so small we can haul it in the back of our 6'6" pickup box while connected to our fifth wheel and hauling the generator, three fuel tanks, two tool boxes, boat motor and firewood. The inflatable floor is excellent. We go out fishing for 5-6 hours at a time and never get tired or sore. My wife especially loves the inflatable "couch" in the front. Compared to other manufacturers, Sea Eagle had more options available to make these inflatables more user friendly and comfortable. Can't say enough good things about it!

Maggie Mandoza
First Rate Construction

General construction appears first rate and materials rugged. Design of keel, seat attachments, flooring and transom well thought out. Initial attachment of oars into oarlocks was disconcerting at first and required creativity to set in place. I needed to lubricate the oars with corn oil to aid in snapping the oars into place. Oars should only be used for short distance or last resort as they are too short to comfortably row with. The craft is best propelled with a small motor and, in that regard, is top notch and results in extremely silent travel and turn-on-a-dime maneuverability. Rear carry handles are well thought out for placement and balance but lacking multiple contact points for hand-carry at the bow. If winter storage is successful I would rate it 5-stars.

Very Portable

The portability of my transom boat is greatly appreciated. I bought the boat for fishing after I retired. The only complaint I have is the weight. If you ever offer a discount on the dropstich floor for my boat let me know. I transport my boat inflated on top of a pickup pipe rack to which I added custom rollers and a portable electric winch for loading. It is amazing how many people offer to help me load the boat up onto the pickup at the boat ramp. I have gotten many compliments on my system. I just hook up the winch to my trolling motor battery and the boat is pulled up on top with no effort. I am looking foreward to the Spring fishing season on the many lakes we have in Western Washington.

Arianna Collins
Easy to Setup

This boat replaced an older 124SMB that was just a bit too large for us. The setup was not difficult, although, like some others who have commented, the inflatable floor is hard to attach at the rear mount on the transom. I think this is just something that works its way out over time. I've got an electric motor on it now (not enough power), but I'm going to replace that with a 6 HP gas motor this season. Ours has the extra seat option and the inflatable floor is much more rigid than you might think. This boat is very rugged and well made instilling confidence for a novice like me! It could use additional handles on the front, but not a big deal. The E-Z cart makes it easy for one person to move, but don't leave it on the boat like I show here-it can fall off! The Harbor Freight trailer works great, too. Great product!! Handles well and easy to operate especially with the inflatable keel.

Steve Maclean
Strudy Boat

Susan and I have been absolutely thrilled with our 10.6 SR which we named Summer Song. We trailer the boat to favorite launching ramps in Scituate, MA where we offload the boat onto our EZ Cart and head for the water. We have been asked on many occasions, "Who makes that boat? Where did you get it? How do you like it? etc." and we're more than happy to share all the information we can for as long as they want to listen! Many have taken the time to write your web address before they depart. Up until a few weeks ago, we believed we were the only Sea Eagle in Scituate harbor until we saw a Sea Eagle kayak on a mooring. Hopefully you will see an increase in interest from Scituate boaters. :- ) The boat is everything the marketing literature says it is, i.e., very sturdy, very stable, very transportable. We look forward to many years of making memories.

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