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Inflatable SUP 6" LB11K Sea Eagle



Inflatable SUP 6" LB11K Sea Eagle

  • The New LB11 is a great all-around inflatable SUP for both flat water and surf, beginner and expert alike!

    The Stand Up/Sit Down LongBoard 11 gives you a fantastic work out and a great view of the water from a standing position. This versatile inflatable SUP can be enjoyed while standing or sitting down.

    At 11' long, 30" wide, and 6" thick this SUP will provide you with plenty of stability. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced stand up paddle boarder, you'll find the Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 tons of fun!

    Best suited for those weighing 200 lbs or less.

    The New Sea Eagle Inflatable LongBoard SUP Series has been completely redesigned and transformed into a true hybrid SUP! Now you can sit, stand, surf, fish, tour, and perform yoga on these wonderful SUPs!

    Our LongBoard iSUPs are now made with 6" thick drop stitch material to increase buoyancy, rigidity, and stability. We've also added 4" nose/entry rocker followed by a slight continuous board rocker and finish/exit with a 2" tail rocker!

    These combined attributes increase the over all performance, handling, and stability of our LongBoard Series making it a true hybrid SUP that can be used while sitting, standing, surfing and touring!

    A full length EVA foam Diamond Deck Pad provides excellent traction and maximum foot comfort while surfing and on extended tours. Custom Performance Kick Tail prevents slipping off the tail and assist with blind foot placement. Front and rear grab handles are right where you need them. The Paddle Pocket keeps your paddle nice and secure.

    Key Features

    Front Grab Handle, Bungee Cord Storage Attachment and Full Length Diamond Deck Pad with D-rings for optional seat attachment

    Conveniently located Front Grab Handle makes it easy to get your LongBoard through the surf and anywhere you want to go! Full length EVA foam Diamond Deck Pad provides excellent traction and maximum foot comfort while surfing and on extended tours. Front Bungee Cord Storage Attachment designed to easily secure items such as a life jacket, dry bag, water bottle or almost anything you'd like to take along on your stand up paddle boarding session. Add an optional seat and your LongBoard becomes a sit-a-top paddle board.

    Now 6" thick with Nose Rocker, Tail Rocker, Continuous Rocker Throughout and a Custom Performance Kick Tail

    Take your SUPing to a whole new level with our 6" thick boards. Now made with 4" Nose Rocker to make surfing waves entry much easier, 2" Tail Rocker so you can release the tail for advanced tricks and high performance maneuvers such as 360s and quick turns, a Continuous Rocker Throughout to prevent nose diving, and a Custom Performance Kick Tail preventing you from slipping off the tail and assisting you with blind foot placement that's precise every time! The Sea Eagle LongBoard Inflatable SUP Series isn't just for flat water touring anymore! Whether a novice or advance rider wanting to tour the flat waters or surf, this hybrid design is sure to suit your needs!

    Large Removable Rear Slide-In Skeg with Two Built In Leading Skegs

    The tri-fin configuration makes this SUP track extremely well and at the same time allows you to turn on a dime. The benefit of the large removable rear center skeg with lock-in-clip is that it can be easily installed or removed with the LB11 inflated or deflated. Because of this feature the LB11 can be rolled up tight and small. No more worrying about damaging your skeg or SUP.

    Super Rigid High Pressure Lightweight Drop Stitch Material Construction

    Our Drop Stitch material uses thousands of high tensile strength threads connecting the top and bottom fabric layers, creating thousands of I-beam supports. This enables our LongBoard Hybrid Series SUPs to be inflated to a much higher pressure (15 psi) which increases overall rigidity while maintaining our SUPs incredible light weight. The unique Drop Stitch construction provides the added benefit of being able to be pack in its own backpack. The Sea Eagle LongBoard Hybrid SUP is tough as nails, incredibly rigid, ultra light, and a delight to paddle.

    World's First & Only SUP Paddle Pocket

    First introduced on our HB96 iSUP, this unique feature is now part of our LongBoard series. No more fumbling around with your paddle while carrying your SUP and while in the surf where milliseconds often count. Simply slide your paddle blade into the paddle pocket and rest assured that it will be there when you need it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sarah Webb
Terrific Board

I found the LB11 to be a terrific board. I am a yoga instructor and paddle board enthusiast. I like to do a lot on my own from loading, touring local water ways, and love to practice some yoga stretches on calm water days. The board did handle well in our choppy inlet, on the south shore of Long Island, and over all I found it to be a great board to invite my friends that are new to paddle boarding to try. The LB11 was easy to set up and a perfect option for travel without a rack for the car, and due to the easy portability and compact deasign, it requires very little storage space when not in use. I really love it! I hope to get more photos on it this paddle board season.

Bill Watkins
Good Balance

Love my SUP. The base is wide enough for good balance. Since it is blowup, it is easy to transport. It is not too heavy. Had lots of fun on it.

Carl Gordon
Easy to Store

I really love the Sea Eagle SUP. It is easy to store and only takes about 5 min to inflate. I have taken it in many lakes and rivers, and it has met all my expectations. The only piece of feedback I have is that the pressure gauge on the pumpdoes not show an accurate reading.

Ricky Olson
Lots of Fun

It works as intended, and is a lot of fun. Easy to transport and setup.

Matthew Reed
Love the Board

I purchased my LB11 SUP just a couple of weeks ago from Kayakish. First I tried it in calm waters of a lagoon and it was so easy to learn that the very next day I was able to stand up on it in the open ocean. I absolutely loved the board from the first try and it appears I'm not the only one because a very curious manatee spotted me in the water and swam with me for at least 15 minutes. Scared me to death initially, though. (Sorry, bragging... :)

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