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Inflatable SUP NeedleNose 12'6" Sea Eagle



Inflatable SUP NeedleNose 12'6" Sea Eagle

  • Now featuring a New Full Length Electric Pattern Diamond Deck EVA Foam Pad, convenient built-in paddle saving PaddlePocket™ holder and a low profile slide in Swept Back Skeg! This is the world's best tracking inflatable SUP ever!

    Sea Eagle's NeedleNose 126 offers an even larger stable platform with increased floatation, rigidity and even more stability! Larger than its little sister the NN116 but smaller than its big brother the NN14 - the NN126 puts you right smack in the middle. So you get the best of both worlds!

    Breakthrough Design features: straight-line hull, patented wave piercing bow, touring shape, NEW FULL LENGTH ELECTRIC PATTERN DIAMOND DECK PAD with custom performance kick tail and the ability to paddle faster, further and easier!

    At 6" thick there's no need to worry about rigidity or flotation any more! Sitting or standing the NN126 does it all!

    Best suited for those weighing 225 lbs or less.

    About the NeedleNose™ Series

    The patented NeedleNose™ iSUPs are by far the best tracking iSUPs in the world! Able to perform in a vast array of environmental conditions where other inflatables wouldn't dare! Get the performance of a rigid board plus the convenience of an inflatable and more!

    Aptly named NeedleNose™ these iSUPs feature a patented razor sharp, wave piercing bow that allows you to slice through the wind, waves, current and water. Something that no other iSUP can offer. The elegant curved touring shape with a straight-line NO UPTURN hull design enables you to customize your skill and performance levels with 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear standing locations (see video). A diamond patterned deck pad is easier on your feet with a kick tail that allows pivot and kick turning on a dime! These features make the NeedleNose™ iSUPs the fastest, sleekest, best inflatable SUPs in the world!

    Say goodbye to unnecessary airline fees and damaged SUPs! These weigh under 35 lbs. and are designed to be checked as baggage.

    Key Features

    Newly Improved Patented NeedleNose™ Design

    New and improved razor sharp, wave piercing, current cutting, wind shearing, NeedleNose™ bow that further diverts water flow reducing drag, and easily slices through most everything! Enabling you to overcome the traditional issues of displacement hulls and varying environmental conditions. This design makes it the best tracking iSUP in the world and much easier and more efficient when paddling long distances.

    Customize Your Skill and Performance Levels with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gear

    1st Gear: Most stable position, great for beginners, nice and easy pace.

    2nd Gear: Lowers the NeedleNose™ bow, increases planning surface area, increases speed.

    3rd Gear: Optimizes speed performance, fully engages NeedleNose™, NeedleNose™ slices through the water decreasing hull resistance while enabling straight and true tracking, full waterline length being utilized for speed, paddle stroke kinesiology being optimized for speed and efficiency.

    Custom Performance Kick Tail

    Enabling you to easily perform advanced maneuvers such as sharp, snappy kick turns and 360º (turn on a dime) pivot turns while preventing you from slipping off the tail and assisting you with blind foot placement that's precise every time.

    Super Rigid High Pressure Lightweight Drop Stitch Material Construction

    Our Drop Stitch material uses thousands of high tensile strength threads connecting the top and bottom fabric layers, creating thousands of I-beam supports. This enables our NeedleNose™ Series SUPs to be inflated to a much higher pressure (15 psi) which increases overall rigidity while maintaining our SUPs incredible light weight. The unique Drop Stitch construction provides the added benefit of being able to be pack in its own backpack. The Sea Eagle NeedleNose™ SUP is tough as nails, incredibly rigid, ultra light, and a delight to paddle.

    Full Length Diamond Deck Pad

    Engineered to provide maximum foot comfort and grip during those long tours. The diamond surface deck pad displaces pounds per square inch of pressure evenly along the pads of your feet while introducing air voids. Think it as standing on the clouds. This allows you to paddle longer, further and faster without suffering from achy feet.

    New Graphics

    Know what your riding - dims, specs, and the Sea Eagle brand says it all.

    Download Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Brian Hawkins
Very Stable

Good design, beats round noses by a mile. Great directional stability also if standing up by the handle. I wish I had known about deflating the air slightly after each use. Take the pressure off the seams and out of the sun and it will last much longer. They do advise keeping out of the sun but they should also recommend slight deflation. Also, theres an inflation limit but no recommendation for how much pressure is actually needed. I pumped to about 13-14 lbs. but a leak began anyway. They did honor the warranty even though it had expired by the time I called them about it and the new board has served well. Unfortunately the other older one has stress cracks in the beak that leak. I patched and double patched but air still seeps out. I get about 15 minutes on it then its done. It is too late for warranty but it would be nice if theyd cut me a deal. Again- slightly deflate after each use and keep out of sun. Its good exercise to pump up and thats half the idea anyway, no?

Parker Nelson
Performs Well

My NN126 was everything I was hoping it would be. Id been wanting this board for years but didnt want to pull the trigger on the $$. When the price dropped earlier this summer, it was finally time! And Im so happy with the purchase from Kayakish. The board performs as well as it has been advertised. I was on it multiple times this summer and became more & more confident on it each time. My only regret.... not buying the battery powered inflation generator (I bought the electric one instead). It works great... the battery powered one would have been more convenient.

Tracy Collins

This is my second Sea Eagle SUP from Kayakish and I love it. My friend wanted to try and she did great her first attempt. The longer boat is more stable.

Excellent Purchase

First of all ... I am assuming that a score of 5 means Excellent ... which is the rating I would give my NN126 paddle boards ... I say boards because I bought 2. The quality is outstanding, the rigidity is great, performance as good if not better than any similar sized "non-inflatable", and the versatility is great ... in addition to the "stand up mode", we use them as "kayaks" with a seat attached (the seat from our Sea Eagle kayak) and also as a rower ... since I did add the rowing kit. Blowing the board up was easy because I used the electric pump ... it may have taken a lot longer with the manual pump, but I don't know for sure. As for portability ... I don't travel with them often ... but not having to have a Car Rack make this process easy ... outside of having to deflate and inflate. But less storage is space is big benefit. I certainly would recommend them as a Best Buy, and certainly would buy them again ... if I ever need another.

John Clark
Easy to Transport

I have been very pleased with the SUP. While it is not as stable as the wooden SUPS (which I expected) as a woman I can transport, inflate and use the board without any assistance. I would not be able to do that with a wooden SUP.

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