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MEGA 4-cylinder Electric Turbo Pump!

MEGA 4-cylinder Electric Turbo Pump



  • INFLATES UP TO 15PSI WITH AUTOMATIC STOP FEATURE: Electric pump features 0-15 psi digital air-pressure settings so you can preset your desired psi and the pump will auto stop when the target pressure is reached.
  • POWERFUL & RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC AIR PUMP: The battery powered pump has an Integrated 10000 mAh Battery (charger & cord included)
  • LCD DIGITAL DISPLAY WITH REAL-TIME MONITORING: The pump is equipped with a digital LCD screen and touch button control panel, and the target pressure function ensures the pressure stays within the recommended PSI range to prevent over inflation.
  • Dual USB 5V/2A Ports:For charging your cell phone and other small rechargeable battery-powered devices

The MEGA 4-cylinder Electric Turbo Pump is the fastest electric pump offered by SeaEagle.com. On average it can inflate your Sea Eagle approximately 50% faster! Featuring 0-15 psi digital air pressure settings so you can preset your desired psi and the pump will auto-stop when the target pressure is reached, integrated 10000 mAh lithium-ion battery, digital LCD screen with real-time monitoring, and a three LED flashlight.

*PRECAUTION: Do not use the pump while charging. Please allow at least 2 hours for the battery to cool down after charging before a second recharge. Use a 1:1 ratio run/cool down time. 15 min max runtime with 15 min cooldown time procedure

60" (5') cable 19V DC wall charger
43" (3'6") inflation hose w/ Recessed Valve Adapter
6-piece inflation adapter set
4 rubber gaskets

Weight:5.75 lbs. with bag and hose
Dimensions:13" x 11" x 6"
Maximum Run Time:15 Minutes
Minimum Off Time: 15 Minutes

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