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Vanhunks 9'0 Manatee Single Fishing Kayak

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Vanhunks 9'0 Manatee Single Fishing Kayak

  • Completely not territorial, the 9-foot Vanhunks Manatee plays big brother to our 9-foot Whale Runner kayak and features a few extra comforts and convenience trimmings with the accessory tracks and deluxe aluminum adjustable, padded seat. And while Manatees themselves may seem large, heavy and slow, ours weighs in at an easy 51 lbs and can undoubtedly make lakes, rivers, and oceans quick and agile work. Rest assured, you’ll have 330 lbs to carry before your Manatee fishing, and touring kayak starts to lag.

    The design of the Manatee 9’0 deluxe single fishing kayak is to provide maximum stability, maneuverability, and performance on the water. Given its width of 32 inches, you’d feel steady as a rock while standing and fishing from our Manatee.

    Spending all day out on the water will not put a dampener on your personal comfort levels, either. Our raised deluxe aluminum seat ensures you’re not going to be getting soaked by water spray pooling beneath you.

    Ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced kayakers, the Manatee fishing kayak is the perfect choice for any leisure occasion. The premium quality marine-grade stainless steel and captive brass inserts will ensure you have many days out on the water together.


    1. Storage Hatch: Storage hatch for your valuables.

    2. Fishfinder Compartment: Fishfinder Compartment (Fishfinder not included)

    3. Swivel Rod Holder: 1x Swivel Rod Holder, which rotates left, right, up, and down.

    4. Deluxe Aluminum Seat: The Vanhunks Manatee’s seating system was made with ultimate comfort in mind. With breathable mesh for all-day enjoyment and adjustable fittings, you’ll feel content chilling back in a reclined position as you cast your rod, and in full control in a forward position as you push your way across bays to get the good ones. The seating’s raised design ensures you’re not drenched in a pool of spray water collecting in the kayak throughout the day.

    5. Storage: Stern Bungee Storage Area.

    6. Storage Hatch: Square Waterproof Storage Hatch.

    7. Accessory Tracks: 2x Side Aluminum Accessory Tracks.

    8. Carry Handles: 4x Carry Handles.

    9. Rod Holders: 2x Molded-in rod holders.TORAGE HATCH – 1x Large front oval storage hatch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jane Wells
Best Bang for your Buck

I think this Kayak is everything it should be at the price point it's at. The Mantee is one of the best purchases I've made in my start to fishing this year. It's very stable given the size, I'm 200lbs and even when lifting a fish into the kayak it barely affects the general stability. With normal amounts of effort, you can paddle fast enough to get around a smaller lake or a basic river. I fully recommend to get off the shore and into this kayak, you won't regret it.

Adrienne Ford
Can't Complain

I am the real world and happy for my purchase it took a little longer than I expected but what do you expect with what's going on in the world today thank you so much I would love to order another one so I could go out with a friend I might have liked it to come with it carrying case but for this price I cannot complain thank you so much

Maggie Mandoza
Great Kayak

Great kayak, easy to handle as my six-year-old is able to use this kayak on his own. Love the cup holder and back pack able container to treck on land


Once i got used to the hull design, I love it! Great return for stroke effort

Arianna Collins
Fabulous Kayak

My son loves the new Mantee and looks forward to using it. Great product. Thank you Kayakish

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