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Vanhunks Elite Pro Angler 13FT Kayak

Aqua Green
Oceana Blue
Bora Bora
River Rock
Drive System


Vanhunks Elite Pro Angler 13FT Kayak


    If fishing is your game, then the Elite Pro Angler is equipped with all the features you would need to take your fishing to the next level.

    Four integrated sloping rod holders are positioned and angled perfectly behind the aluminium seating. Inserted at the perfect angle for trolling rods and wide enough set, so your lures run free behind the kayak without getting caught up and tangled.

    Additional integrated rod holders in infront of the seat are angled away from the paddler. These are incredibly handy for applying bait, changing a trace, or simply watching the rod’s action from a comfortable position. Two accessory rails on the kayak sides are perfect for mounting your action camera, Fishfinder, or navigational equipment.


    Manufactured from very tough single rotomolded 5 mm Polyethylene, the Elite Pro Angler is more than ready to take on nature’s elements.


    Get all the storage you need throughout the Elite Pro Angler kayak for your fishing gear and other belongings. The stern at the back has a large tank, secured with cross-braced bungee, ideal for safeguarding your equipment. You can store more of your belongings under your aluminium seat or in the storage area inside your kayak by the round lockable hatch at the top of the tank well. You’ll also find a handy toolbox in front of you, ideal for mounting a fish finder and stowing the battery pack inside. Find even more storage beyond the toolbox and by the kayak’s bow.


    Want a hands-free experience on the water? You can upgrade this kayak to a Prop or Fin drive by removing the tool pod and inserting your preferred drive system, this way your hands are free to take care of what’s important – railing in that big catch of the day!


    • Stable, fast, and agile

    • Rudder operated

    • Large rear tank well with 5mm cross-braced bungee to secure gear.

    • Round storage hatch behind the seating allows for easy access to the hull interior

    • Raised aluminum mesh seat for comfort

    • Four integrated rod holders for trolling

    • Two additional integrated rod holders In front of the seat position.

    • Under-seat tackle tray for extra gear

    • Removable toolbox

    • Center console lockable hatch

    • Fishfinder scupper port for a transducer with protective cover

    • Accessory rails for mounting additional equipment and hardware

    • Bow storage with a tarpaulin cover for added storage

    • Foot and handheld rudder operation

    • Carry handle on the sides of the kayak for easy mounting and control

    • Bow and stern carry handle for easy transporting and loading.

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