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Vanhunks Sauger 12’0 Tandem Fishing Kayak

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Vanhunks Sauger 12’0 Tandem Fishing Kayak

  • The Vanhunks Sauger 12ft tandem fishing Kayak is standard fitted with two removable Tool Pods, and this is where adaptability and versatility make the Sauger an exciting option for families and recreational to professional. Equipped with the two Tool Pods, this is an exciting tandem kayak offering you excellent stability. Remove the tool pods and you can fit a fin drive or even two, transforming your kayak in a few easy steps. Should you wish to add a propeller drive instead, not a problem; the Sauger is fully compatible with Fin Drive or Propeller Drive. You have multiple upgrade options in one kayak.

    At first look, the Sauger is a beautiful kayak with excellent finishes, and coloring but underneath that attractive appearance is a beast in manufacturing. Built from 5mm polyethylene, the Sauger is tough and can take what the elements throws at it.

    When it comes to Hull’s design, the main objective was stability and speed. The Sauger has a Double Pontoon-shaped hull and a swallowtail, increasing the stability and carrying capacity of this kayak. The Double Pontoon Hull allows the easy flow of water through the channels, improving traction and increasing speed, making those long trips a pleasure.

    To Assist with tracking and steering, the Sauger is fitter with a hand controller rudder system. The control of the rudder system can be by either the front or the back paddler. As a bonus, the Rudder blades are compatible with the Bixpy motor. Should you wish to add a Trolling motor, there are Brass inserts molded in at the Stern of the Kayak to make provision for a side motor mount.

    Storage is ample on the Vanhunks Sauger, with rectangular hatches situated in front of both seats to allow easy accessibility for the paddler and access into the Sauger’s Hull. The hatches are both lockable and easy to operate. There is a corded bungee area at the bow and stern for any excess equipment you may have.

    When you are on the water for a long-time, comfort is highly appreciated; the Sauger has a raised Deluxe Aluminium seat to assist. The seating is adjustable to recline, or upright to your comfort needs and the raised element keeps the water under the seat and not on you.

    The Sauger, fitted with a molded-in high or low seating position, makes for easy chair height adjustment. The low position for choppy conditions and the elevated position gives you an advantage view of the water and added comfort.


    • 2 Two-Piece Paddle with three-position adjustment features. The shaft made of heavy-duty black EDC coated aluminum, built-in handgrips, and PVC anti-drip rings.

    • 2 Tool Pods (double up as storage hatches)

    • 2 Deluxe aluminum adjustable seats

    • 2 Storage hatches

    • 2 Molded-in side handles

    • 3 Molded-in carry handles (front and back)

    • 2 Drain plug

    • 6 Scupper plugs

    • 4 Integrated fishing rod holders

    • 4 Accessory track rails

    • 2 Adjustable Footrests

    • 2 Molded-in tackle box holders

    • 2 Cupholders

    • Bungee cords at bow and stern tank well area (with 6 D-rings)

    • Hand controlled rudder system

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Henry Burns
Works Great

This sucker is fast and slick on the lake!! Highly recommend!

George Greene
Great Investment

10/10 love my Vanhunk Sauger kayak. The most comfortable seat ever. If you want to stand and sight fish, folding up the chair is a breeze. Super stable on the water for standing also. Be careful of low water and the propeller.

Megan Woods
Awesome Buy

Bought it as a gift for my husband. He loves his Sauger!

Jacob Lawson
Highly Recommended

It takes a bit to adjust and gain ease of use but I absolutely LOVE the Sauger. I have carpal tunnel and was struggling with a paddle and now I can just peddle and boy does it scoot. Highly recommend.

Morris Bruke
Mean Machine

Excellent kayak, handles rough water well. Use it for mainly saltwater and offshore fishing on Texas Gulfcoast. Very stable and if your cardio is good you can pedal all day without exhaustion. Its heavy but very sturdy. Well engineered for big water, and ergonomically accurate for fishing. A big A+ in my book. Probably the last kayak I will own

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